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How do I bid?

Before you can bid, you must be registered as an approved dealer. This is to ensure that only approved franchaised new vehicle dealers and independent used vehicle dealers have access to bidding at any vehicle auction. Once you are approved as a reigstered dealer, you will have to log in using your username and password to any of the various available auctions. If you encounter any problems logging in, contact our customer center who will assist you in getting started. After you are logged in, find any cars of interest on the various auctions and enter your bids. You may increase your bid several times while the auction is in progress, with no limit on the number of bids entered. If any vehicle does not reach its floor price at the close of the auction, it is still possible to purchase the car. Following auction close, immediately contacts the seller and asks if they are willing to sell to the highest bid under the floor price. Thus it is important to hold the highest bid, even if you bid under the floor price. Bidding is free. It is only once you have actually purchased a vehicle through that you have to pay a buy fee.


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