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Why choose Autorola.com to sell our company car?

There are many advantages of selling through Autorola.com. Autorola.com hold two weekly auctions for over 70,000 car dealers, which will ensure your company car is sold quickly at the market's highest price. Within a few days, you can allocate the dealer willing to pay the highest price for your company car. When you sell your car through Autorola.com, you have no warranty obligations and you can make use of our free advice to submit an accurate car description. Finally, the buyer comes to you to collect your company car (within a week after the auction ended). This service will cost you between $ 160 and $ 275 ex. VAT according to the floor price of the car. There is no easier or better method and in the unlikely event that your company car is not sold you do not pay commission - No sale no charge! If you wish to dedicate more time towards your core business then let Autorola.com take over all responsibility for selling your company cars. Simply select Total Service then a company representative from Autorola.com will come out to you and document the condition of your vehicle. Read more about Total Service.


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