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Can we be sure of getting the highest market price?

Autorola.com's 70,000 + dealers are constantly seeking new cars. They outbid one another, ensuring that your company car receives the highest market value. This means a quick and efficient sale at the optimal price. If you have already received an offer for your company car from your local dealer, you need to be aware of whether or not the offer is conditional - are you required to purchase another car from the dealer to complete the deal? If that's the case, consider this...the higher price you may receive for your old car, is often reflected in a higher price for the new car! Secondly, you are not given the freedom to find the car you ideally would like but have to settle for the dealer's range. The price in the case of a pure sale cannot be compared with the price for a trade-in. If you go to buy a car without trading in a vehicle, you will often be able to get a discount equivalent to the price premium the dealer would otherwise have given for your old company car. We send you regular emails every time a bid is received on your company car. This means that you are constantly aware of what is happening with your company car at the auction.


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